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Kuwait: Shia Twitter User Arrested

Picture of detaineed tweep Nasser Abul (in blue) taken from his twitter accountKuwait has arrested a Kuwaiti Shiite Muslim man for publishing censure on twitter.According to the Shiite News Monitoring desk, It has never happened before in Kuwait that a Twitter user was arrested for what he wrote online until a Nasser Abul (@NasserAbuL), a young Shia Kuwaiti, was detained four days ago.

Kuwait has arrested a Kuwaiti Shiite Muslim man for publishing disapproval of the ruling families in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia on social media site Twitter.

The news took the Kuwaiti cyber space by storm on the morning of June 10 suggesting that Abul was arrested by state security police for threatening national security and was not allowed to see his family or his lawyer.

Nasser Abul was arrested and no charges have been pressed against him so far. Democracy activists have utilized social media to debate, organize and share information in Bahrain where the government crushed a protest movement.

Gulf Arab government is annoying to stop protest movements that bring down Egyptian and Tunisian leaders this year taking off in their patch.

They fear democracy movements could allow Shiite power Iran to increase influence. Bahrain questioned a rights activist in April for publishing an image which appear to show signs of torture on a man who die in detention through the unrestÛ”

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