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Another Bahraini Shia, Hassan Al-Sitri, 70 yrs old, Martyred in Nuwaidrat

shiitenews_70yrs_old_martyred_in_nuwaidratMartyr Hasan Sitri was murdered by the Bahraini regime mercenaries backed by the Saudi-Wahabi forces on Sunday when he was walking was walking at the street, the terrorists of Bahraini regime has hit him with a sharp tool in Nuwaidrat area.

People believe that Martyr Hasan Al-Sitri has been martyred on the hands of Bahraini regime mercenaries.

The funeral of martyr “Haj Hassan Sitri” to his final resting place was held on Sunday in the atmosphere of sadness and sorrow. People vowed to continue the path of the martyrs. They will continue jihad and struggle until the achievement of their demands.

Wounds of the martyr “Haj Hassan Sitri” shows ugliness of the crimes of the al-Khalifa Regime committed against the innocent people.

There is a large wound in the back of the martyr. One of his sons said that this wound is because of a sharp tool and the martyr’s neck is broken as well.

Alwefaq Statement

Alwefaq Society the biggest opposition society issued an official statement confirming the Martyrdom of Hasan Alsitri , according to Alwefaq statement The Martyr went to the Mosque to pray the Dawn prayer as he does everyday , at 5 AM his martyrdom was reported as he was found near “Imam Sadiq” Mosque (which is demolished along with other mosques by the Bahraini Government 2  months ago) with marks of 2 hits with heavy objects were observed on the head.

Bahrain Ministry of Interior

The Ministry of interior has issued 3 statements on their twitter page and to the media  regarding his death which contradicts with each other, the first statement mentioned that the cause of death was normal due to his age, later they mentioned he was killed due to a hit with a heavy object on the head and in their last statement they mentioned he was killed during a conflict with 3 guys from the same area and he dead because they pushed him on the ground and his head hits the Rocks , 3 guys were arrested later to convict them with the crime but the local residents of the area and the deceased family refused these allegations

Ministry of Interior has delayed the autopsy with no valid excuse , Local sources close to the deceased family has reported that Ministry of Interior are forcing the family to sign the death certificate mentioning that the death cause is Normal ,however the family refused and demanded an autopsy report which delayed the delivery of the dead body to bury till this morning Monday 20 June.

The Autopsy report declared that the death was caused by 2 hits with heavy objects resulting in severe damage to the neck fractures lead to death.

This is the 3rd Case of several cases appeared since March after imposing martial law , 2 deaths were reported in similar senario with torture marks or hitting by heavy objects are been observed

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