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Bahraini protesters rally to demand return to jobs

shiitenews bahrain protesteBahraini workers fired for participating in demonstrations against the ruling Al Khalifa family have staged a rally to demand an immediate return to work, 
The demonstrators gathered in front of the ministry of labor in the capital, Manama, on Monday.
The Manama regime has dismissed thousands of workers for an indefinite time for taking part in anti-government demonstrations since the beginning of the popular uprising in February 2011.
Fired Bahraini workers have held demonstrations several times outside the ministry of labor over the past months.
The Monday gathering in Manama comes as regime forces continue the violent crackdown on demonstrations across the country.
Bahraini opposition activists said on February 18 that an 85-year-old Bahraini died after inhaling poisonous teargas fired by security forces to disperse an anti-regime demonstration in the northeastern town of Sitra.


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