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Kuwaiti Author Imprisoned for Insulting Shia Islam

Muhammad Al Malifi-insulting-ShiaThe justice Department said in a statement that Al-Malifi will remain in jail for investigations in the coming days. It said he is under investigation for charges of insulting Shia sanctities, undermining national unity and spreading sectarian division.

Al-Malifi is said to have made sacrilegious remarks about the 12th Shia Imam (may God hasten his glad advent). Kuwaiti Shi’ites on Sunday staged demonstrations calling for Al-Malifi to be put on trial.

They described his sacrilegious acts as a move aimed at undermining Shia, Sunni unity in the Persian Gulf country, Rohama reported.

Kuwait’s Shia leader Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Baqer Al-Muhri had earlier issued a statement calling on the Interior Ministry to arrest and indict Al-Malifi.


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