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Saudi Arab, Qatar gives $5 m for massacre in Syria

syria flagA largest circulated international newspaper has reported that Saudi Arabia and Qatar have given US$ 5 million to destroy Syria defaming Syrian regime.
According to the report, a joint meeting was held in which former Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, terrorists operating in Syria, officials of the Zionist intelligence Mossad and US intelligence CIA, and officials of Qatar attended.

In that meeting the planning for the terrorism in Syria was finalized. It was planned that the terrorist perpetrate their activities during the visit of UN Secretary General’s Special Representative Kofi Anan.

The massacre in Syrian city Al Houla in which 116 people were killed and 300 were injured was result of that conspiracy.

Reports had it that the weapons used in that terrorism were Israeli manufactured and Kofi Anan and Arab League’s Secretary General had prior knowledge of the terrorism. Despite prior knowledge, they remain silent against the conspiracy.


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