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Foreign meddling in Syrian affairs hinders efforts for national reconciliation, comprehensive national dialogue

al jafriSyria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, stressed the need for the Security Council (UNSC) to assume its responsibilities in implementing its resolutions regarding the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian and the Syrian Golan territories and regarding the issue of the Palestinian refugees.

In the statement of the Syrian Arab Republic during the UNSC’s session on Monday night which was dedicated to the situation in the Middle East, al-Jaafari called upon the UNSC to assume its responsibilities, deal seriously with the continuation of the Israeli occupation to the Syrian Golan for 45 years, and implement UN Resolution No. 497 for 1981 which was issued unanimously and that considers the Israeli decision of annexing the occupied Golan as null and void with no legal effect, along with all Israeli relevant decisions.
Al-Jaafari said “The UNSC’s refraining from shouldering its responsibilities in this regard for decades confirms the existence of an eclectic and selective view by some of the member states in the Council regarding the implementation of its resolutions when they are related to Israel”.
He stressed that the UN General Secretariat representatives are responsible more than any other for carrying out their role through briefing the UNSC regularly, honestly and transparently on the violations committed by Israel, the authority which is occupying the Syrian Golan.
He pointed out that Syria is providing the Secretariat with reports on these violations on regular bases, particularly the increasing cases of Syrian citizens abducted from the Syrian part of the ceasefire line, in addition to Israel’s implementation of wide-range military maneuvers in the occupied Syrian Golan.
Al-Jaafari stressed that the explosion of cluster bombs and mines planted by the Israeli occupation in the Golan has claimed the lives of 726 Syrian citizens, including 227 children, the latest of these incidents taking place on October 4th when two Syrian children no older than ten succumbed to wounds caused by the detonation of a landmine left by the Israeli occupation.
Al-Jaafari added that the Palestinian people have been waiting for six decades to be given the most basic rights such as establishing a free, independent state with full sovereignty on the Palestinian territories.
He pointed out that Israel is still defying the international legitimacy through its arrogance and aggressive policy, adding that Israel is curbing any opportunity to achieve peace in the region, benefitting from the direct protection offered by some influential countries in the UN Security Council.
“How many decades must pass on the Israeli occupation of the Arab territories before some sides acknowledge the necessity of moving seriously to end this occupation… How many innocent lives must be lost in Palestine, Syria and Lebanon before some sides are convinced that there is a tragedy that should be ended?” al-Jaafari asked.
Syria’s Permanent representative to the UN pointed out to the reports submitted by tens of fact-finding and investigation committees to the UN Security Council, the UN General Assembly and the UN Human Rights Council over decades, saying that these reports are enough to diagnose the scale of the Israeli aggression and terrorism against the countries and peoples of the region.
Al-Jaafari said that more than thousands of resolutions were issued by the UN bodies calling for ending the Israeli occupation of the Arab territories and condemning Israel’s systematic violations and aggressive practices, wondering if these reports aren’t enough to push these countries to stop their unlimited military, economic and political support to Israel.
He stressed that some sides which claim keenness on the stability and security of the region turn a blind eye to the Israeli continued threats against regional and international security and stability, wondering about some countries’ silence towards Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons and its rejection to join the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty (NPT).
He pointed out that Israel refuses to confirm its participation in the Conference on a “Middle East Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zone” scheduled for next month, reminding the Council of Syria’s adherence to the establishment of this zone through proposing an initiative by the end of 2003 on freeing the region of weapons of mass destruction.
Al-Jaafari renewed warnings against the hectic attempts of some biased delegations supporting the continuation of the Israeli occupation to the Arab lands and aiming to weaken the well-known historical references in the item entitled “The situation in the Middle East” through forcing in other issues in the framework of its discussions.
He pointed out that these attempts aim to keep the UNSC deliberations regarding this particular item away from the main goal the item was established for, which is ending the Israeli occupation to the Arab occupied territories based on relevant UN resolutions, particularly no. 242, no. 338, and no. 497.
He stressed that some member states’ delegations are violating international law and the UN Charter by interfering in Syria’s internal affairs and trying to seize the Syrian people’s right of deciding their own future and choosing their political system, in addition to these countries’ attempts to foil all comprehensive national dialogue bids.
Al-Jaafari stressed that the blatant foreign meddling in Syria’s affairs hinders efforts for national reconciliation which aim to build the country by all the Syrians, in addition to some countries’ attempts to infringe upon Syria’s sovereignty through encouraging terrorism and providing logistical, political and financial support to the armed terrorist groups.
He concluded the statement by referring to the ironic paradox of the unanimous decision of the UNSC to combat terrorism in Mali, criticizing the way the Council or some of its members deal with terrorism affecting Syria differently despite the fact that the terrorism in Mali is the same as the terrorism targeting Syria through the borders of the neighboring countries.


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