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Syria Opposition Divided over Power, Failed on Exile Gov’t

sncSyrian opposition leaders failed Monday to announce the formation of the so-called transitional government in face of the Syrian government.

In details, the so-called Syrian National Coalition launched on Saturday talks in a second attempt to form a government from various rebel factions.
The 70-member coalition was formed with Western and Gulf backing in Qatar at the beginning of December. According to information, power struggles among its members have undermined efforts to agree a transitional government.

“A five-member committee would to put forward proposals on a government to the coalition within 10 days,” it said on Monday.
It further mentioned that “the committee would consult opposition forces and the “Free Syrian Army” and friendly states to get their opinion about Syrian opposition leaders meeting in Istanbul have postponed forming a transitional government.”

Sources at the negotiations in Istanbul said on Sunday that the coalition’s President Moaz al-Khatib had flown to Qatar to secure promises of financial aid.
“The talks had been hit by disagreement over whether a transitional government could survive when al-Khatib left in the middle of deliberations,” the sources said.


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