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“Israeli” Raid on Syria: Ball in Damascus’s Court

walid1 syria“Israel” intervening in the Syrian crisis is old news; the global conspiracy on Syria targeted its resistance role since day one. However, the Zionist entity’s direct violation to Syria’s airspace is definitely dumbfounding.

The air raid that hit the scientific research center posed numerous inquiries on the goal and timing behind “Israel’s” intervention in the Syrian battlefield. What are the implications of this Zionist aggression on Syria? How will Damascus respond to this flagrant intervention be

In this context, member of Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc MP, Walid Sukkarieh ruled out that “Israel” performed this aggression to ignite a war against Syria. In his perspective, military confrontation with Damascus is not in “Israel’s” interest, and “Israel” had made this aggression on the research center enhancing military potential. “Israel” fears that Syria could possess qualitative missiles more capable of hitting targets and avoiding “Israel’s” missile system.

Moreover, Sukkarieh argued, “The enemy exploited Syria’s occupation with its domestic crisis to execute this aggression,” describing the theory that “Israel’s” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu might impose this aggression to gain popularity after the elections as unlikely. He stated, “Netanyahu should have done this before the elections, and dragging Syria to war is not in “Israel’s” favor.”
“The enemy realizes that the Syrian regime will not fall, and it will continue to be the country of confrontation and the resistance’s incubator,” Sukkarieh accentuated.
He further clarified that the US could have granted a green light to this aggression, although this sort of operation is limited and does not require American consultation.

As to the Syrian response, the MP underscored, “The ball is in Syria’s court and it imposes battle terms. I don’t know if there is a response to this aggression, and the “Israeli” raid doesn’t necessarily have to drag Syria to war. Damascus alone could deliberate the situation to see whether war is in its favor or not.”
Furthermore, Walid Sukarieh highlighted, “Despite everything, there is another face to Syria that represents it as the country of confrontation to the Zionist entity and an incubator to the resistance,” emphasizing, “”Israel”, undoubtedly, exploits the internal crisis in Syria to weaken it as a country of confrontation, however Syria will eventually rebuild and triumph.”

Regarding the Syrian analysis to the “Israeli” aggression, it argues that the enemy seeks to lift terrorist morale in Syria after being defeated by the Arab Syrian Army, according to the Syrian political analyst Issam Khalil.
Likewise, Khalil discussed that the “Israeli” raid is described as an extension to a series of continuous aggressions occurring since the establishment of “Israel”.
He further stressed that the enemy attempts to lift the terrorists’ spirits, weaken the government, and drag Syria to a military reaction that would allow the Zionist entity to expand its aggression and inhibit Syria from international sympathy.
If Syria declared war, according to Sukarieh, it would be subjected to two military aggressions: Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government from the North and “Israel” as well as the terrorist operations inside Syria.
Additionally, Khalil accentuated that the raid targeted a scientific research facility since the Zionist entity acknowledges Syria’s scientific development and the essential enhancements its Army added to weaponry systems.
On a similar note, he added, “Certainly, the “Israeli” aggression represents Netanyahu’s party downturn in elections, enables him to lift its popularity and form an “Israeli” government that would make the voter feel “Israel’s” military strength.”

As stated by Khalil, the Syrian response to this aggression should be cool, and should not be dragged into an unwanted situation.
He added, “”Israel” will not be exempted from punishment. It does not necessarily have to be public, because [Syria] could punish “Israel” through intelligence operations.”
Khalil expresses disappointment with the Arab inertness toward this aggression, stating, “Many political regimes in the Arab world wished that “Israel” would execute a wide aggression on Syria, as opposed to the moderate Russian stance that condemned the aggression and refused foreign intervention in internal affairs.”


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