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Syrians Abroad Organize Events to express Solidarity with Homeland

tehran syria protest The Syrian students and community in Iran gathered on Friday outside the UN headquarter in the Iranian capital, Tehran, in protest of the West and US support to the armed terrorist groups in Syria. The protestors demanded in a statement that the UN shoulder its responsibilities in combating terrorism and punishing its backers, calling for commitment to the UN charter in respecting the sovereignty of states and non-interference in the domestic affairs of countries. They also stressed that national unity and the comprehensive national dialogue is the only way to solve the crisis in Syria and restore security and stability to the country. ”Under the current conditions in our beloved country, Syria, we announce rejection to all forms of foreign meddling in the Syrian decision-making and demand that the UN shoulder its responsibilities in confronting terrorism that is targeting Syria,” the statement said. The participants raised a big Syrian flag, posters of President Bashar al-Assad and chanted the national anthem, also raining illustrative images on the havoc and destruction wreaked by the terrorists in Syria. They renewed pledge to stand up against the conspiracy hatched against their homeland, expressing readiness to offer the dearest of sacrifices for protecting Syria as undivided, strong country. Head of the National Union of Syrian Students in Iran, Bassel Kadeh said that ”The protest seeks to send a clear message to the UN and all Syria’s enemies that the Syrian people stand united behind his government in this crisis until cleansing the country from the last terrorist.” Syrian Students in Czech and Slovakia Organize Events in Solidarity with Homeland Syrian students in Czech staged an event to express solidarity with their homeland, reiterating their support to the political program to solve the crisis in Syria and start a comprehensive national dialogue. The participants in the event, held by the branch of the National Union of Syrian Students in front of the UN headquarters in Prague, expressed deep sorrow over the martyrdom of civilian and military Syrians, voicing strong support to the Army in confronting the terrorists. Waving the Syrian flags and holding posters of President Bashar al-Assad, the participants, who included Arab supporters, offered thanks to the friendly countries that are defending the right and the resistance approach, particularly Russian and China. In the same context, a delegation of Syrian students headed by Chairman of the Union’s branch, Ahmad Khaddour, met the UN representative in Czech at the organizations HQ and expressed their condemnation of funding and support offered to the armed terrorist groups in Syria by regional and international countries. Meanwhile, the Union’s branch in Slovakia organized a stand of solidarity with the homeland in a square in the middle of the capital Bratislava with the participation of members of Arab communities and Slovak and other foreign citizens. Waving the Russian and Chinese flags along with the Syrian ones, the participants denounced the conspiracy hatched against Syria in implementation of U.S. and Zionist agendas. They also denounced some Western and regional media outlets over moving away from credibility and fabricating false news to mobilize the public opinion against Syria. Syrian Students and Community in Russia Denounce UN Stances on Crisis in Syria The Russian branch of the National Union of Syrian Students and members of the Syrian community in Russia issued a statement on Friday denouncing the UN stances regarding the crisis in Syria. The statement also denounced the UN’s lack of support for the reforms issued by the Syrian government and the UN silence over terrorist bombings and acts of murder and destruction perpetrated by armed groups. The statement decried the condoning silence over misleading media which alters facts and fabricates lies in support of terrorism in Syria, in addition to denouncing all acts of aggression against the safety of the country and citizens at the hands of terrorists who destroy public and private establishments, infrastructure, mosques and churches and slaughter innocent civilians in full sight of the whole world. The statement said that the armed groups in Syria are supported by some Arab Gulf countries, primarily Qatar, Turkey, and some western countries including the US, France and Britain, all while Syria is fighting terrorism on its own. The statement stressed that the UN must honor its obligations towards the people of the world and help realize security and stability according to international law, calling for trying all countries or sides that support terrorism. Stand and March in Vienna in Support of Syria Syrian students and members of the Syrian community in Austria organized a stand to support Syria in front of the US Embassy in Vienna. The Participants, carrying Syrian flags and pictures of President Bashar al-Assad, denounced the arming of terrorist groups in Syria and decried the unjust sanctions imposed by the west on Syria, voicing their rejection of foreign interference in their homeland’s internal affairs. The participants also denounced the US role in sending terrorist to it and working to destroy it along with its regional pawns, calling for an immediate cessation of all economic and political sanctions which harm the Syrian people. They also voiced support for national dialogue and the political process to resolve the cirsis in Syria. On a relevant note, the Austrian organization Christian Solidarity International and some Syrians, Arabs and people of other nationalities organized a march in Vienna, calling for protecting Syrians from the attacks of terrorists and extremists and stopping the amring of terrorist groups. Participants in the march called for stopping all forms of foreign interference in Syria, decrying all forms of terrorism and the crimes committed by terrorist groups in Syria. Afterwards, participants headed to St. Stephen’s Cathedral where they prayed for peace, security and stability in Syria and the return of displaced Syrians to their homes.


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