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CIA: Al-Assad’s Inner Circle Cohesive, Army Militarily Superior

flynnThe US Central Intelligence Agency Chief, Gen. Michael Flynn admitted that Syria still maintains its military superiority despite two years of crisis.

Lebanese newsletter website quotes of “Bloomberg News” Agency that the agency has obtained a copy of the certificate will be made by Gen Flynn before the military committee in the US Senate.

“Traditional Syrian missile arsenal, is mobile, and still be able to achieve its objectives, where it ranges “Israel” and large parts of Iraq, Jordan and Turkey,” he said.

According to the agency, Flynn claimed in his report that there is a real threat by the Syrian anti-missile ships to any naval operations, particularly the eastern Mediterranean.
The agency quotes Flynn’s vision that circles around President Bashar al-Assad is still coherent, and that the Syrian Arab Army is still ahead militarily, in conjunction with the “armed opposition’s inability to unite the factions.”

“No opposition group has been able to unite the diverse groups behind a strategy for replacing the regime,” the top Intelligence official said.

He further added: “Russia had sold Syria a supersonic anti-ship cruise missile called the Yakhont, a weapon with a range of 300 kilometers that poses a major threat to naval operations, particularly in the eastern Mediterranean.”


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