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Al-Jaafari : Western-Regional Alliance Seeks to Replace Arab-Israeli Conflict With Islamic-Islamic One

al jaffriaThere is a regional-Western alliance encompassing Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel and Western countries seeks to replace the Arab-Israeli conflict with an Islamic-Islamic one with the aim of liquidating the Palestinian cause, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, said.

In a speech at the UN Security Council’s session on the Situation in the Middle East, al-Jaafari said that Israel has been occupying Arab lands in Palestine, Syria and Lebanon and no one had adopt any move at the international level to end this occupation.
” The overwhelming enthusiasm of some to adopt resolutions under the Chapter VII disappears when it comes to Israel,”
He added that Israel is committing systematic, documented violations of the international human law and the international human rights’ law but no Israeli official has ever been held accountable for that.
Al-Jaafari pointed that the enthusiasm of some to refer files to the International Criminal Court had never noticed when It came to Israeli violations despite that these violations actually cab be classified as war crimes and crimes against humanity.
He stressed that Israel implacably continues its settlement activities which were condemned by all members of the UNSC, but no actual and deterrent international respond was adopted towards Israel nor any economic and military sanctions were imposed on it, despite the illegality of the settlements and the fact that they pose a clear obstacle to peace.
Israel flagrantly violates all the UN resolutions related to its occupation to the Arab lands, but it didn’t considered by some countries as a “racist, thuggish state” as it didn’t committed to even a UN resolution.
He went on to say that Israeli successive government had issued more than 60 racist laws against the Palestinians since 1948.
” Israel detained more than 800,000 Palestinians since 1967 including more than 9,000 children and there had been no genuine calls for Israel to set the Palestinian prisoners free and to open the detention camps to the international organizations, despite the fact that a number of them died due to torture, medical neglect, premeditation killing and hunger strike.
Israel had introduced nuclear weapons to the Middle East and hindered the establishment of a nuclear weapon free-zone in the region, but the threats, sanctions and pressure imposed on certain countries which possess peaceful nuclear programs in accordance with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty [NPT] in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
Some influential countries in this organization and in this council try to hide this crystal clear fact, but what should we answer who asks about the reason of the UN political, human, economic or even ethical failure to shoulder its responsibilities regarding ending the Israeli occupation of the Arab lands and putting an end to its huge violations, he said.
He went on saying that all have the right to know if this failure was intended, deliberated and imposed by these influential countries or due to a deficit or collusion of some other countries, if so let us name our organization as “organization of influential or big countries” instead of the United Nations Organization.
Al-Jaafari wondered what the UN and the member states might say to the Syrians living under the Israeli occupation for more than 45 years if they doubted the credibility and efficiency of the UN after its failure to adopt earnest measures towards Israel to force it to carry out the UN relevant resolution on top of them the 497 resolution.
Al-Jaafari said that the Israeli forces offer logistic aid to the armed terrorist groups in the disengagement area in the occupied Golan through transporting the injured terrorists to the Israeli hospitals to be treated and returned to Syria.
He added that extending aid to the terrorist by the Israeli forces in the disengagement area is not only a flagrant violation of the international law and to the Agreement of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), but it endangers the lives of the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) and the (UNDOF) workers, pointing to the incident of kidnapping the UNTSO workers last March at the hands of one of the armed terrorist group in the region…


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