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Golan People Stress Faithfulness to Syria’s Martyrs’ Souls

images1People of the occupied Syrian Golan reiterated their commitment to their national identity, deep adherence to their homeland Syria and faithfulness to the martyrs’ souls.

The reiteration came during an event held Tuesday in the squares of the occupied towns of Baq’atha and Majdal Shams marking the Martyrs’ Day.
In a statement read at the commemoration event, the Golan people saluted the martyrs who fell on the Syrian land since May 6th, 1916, when Ottoman Djemal Pasha executed a large group of freedom fighters in Syria and Lebanon, until the martyrdom of those who have been martyred due to the conspiracy hatched against Syria.

“We stand today feeling proud of the homeland’s martyrs who are facing the aggression against Syria,” the participants in the event said in the statement.
They reaffirmed their adherence to the Syrian national identity and total rejection of the Israeli nationality, extending salutes to the families of martyrs and the Syrian Army heroes who are offering sacrifices to clear Syria of the terrorist gangs.
H. Said


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