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Hassoun: Situation in Syria External War Aimed at Undermining Resistance

dr ahmedGrand Mufti of the Republic, Dr. Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun said that the situation in Syria is an external war aimed at undermining the culture of resistance, unity and coexistence that Syria prides itself on.

Speaking at a meeting of the good offices committee emanating from the 26th International Islamic Conference in Beirut on Thursday, Hassoun said ”It is a war waged against Syria which embraced the culture of resistance and steadfastness more than twenty five years ago…when it stood alone to back the Islamic revolution in Iran, and was punished by Arabs for that.”

He added that Syria ”has been facing confessional instigation and sedition for two years,”’ calling for dialogue as ”Syria’s doors are open to all.”
The Mufti said that scores of TV channels in the Arab and Muslim world are politicized that ”assume the mantle of religions and sects, and instigate chaos.”
Mufti Hassoun pointed out to a ”multitude of Muslim scholras’ unions,” describing it as a dangerous phenomenon. He called for cooperation among the unions and that the good offices committee brings the leaders of unions and Muslim scholars together.
Hassoun said that ”thirty years ago, there were up to 10 thousand mosques in Syria, and the number today is around 18 thousand and 130 Sharia schools. Nonetheless, some claim that Syria is a country that fights Islam.”
He added that the enemies of the Muslim nation have attempted to stir up sedition using religion to that end, adding that ”It all started when Iran came up with the idea of national unity and al-Quds week, which proved beneficial to the nation and dangerous to the enemies.”
”Lebanon was a model that they sought to tear apart and disintegrate, which the Lebanese people, army and resistance wouldn’t approve of, ”Hassoun said, adding”and Lebanon managed to stand in the face of the mightiest power on earth, and restored its stature that is the envy of Arabs.”
He considered that the role of clergymen is to call for dialogue, calling for holding the forthcoming conference in Damascus.


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