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Extremists Attack Members of Jordanian Popular Committee for Supporting Syria

breaking2Scores of al-Qaeda-linked takfiri extremists attacked the members of the Jordanian Popular Committee for Supporting Syria and the Resistance Approach in Irbid city in Jordan to prevent them from holding an activity in solidarity with Syria and its people.

Extremists from the Salafi party gathered in front of the Professional Associations Complex in Irbid, where the activity is scheduled to be held carrying bladed weapons and the banners of al-Qaeda and Jabhat al-Nusra.

The extremists attacked the committee members and the Jordanian activists, causing the injury of three activists as one of them admitted to the hospital.

The committee was able to go through with the event, where speakers expressed full solidarity with Syria and its people against the aggression on it.

They condemned the US existence in Jordan, expressing rejection of holding a conference for the friends of terrorism in Syria, in Amman, in a reference to the so-called ‘friends of Syria Conference’.
They also called for not turning Jordan into a passage to the conspiracy against Syria.


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