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European Solidarity Front for Syria: Events in Syria Are a Foreign Aggression

hand of syiriaThe European Solidarity Front for Syria organized last night in the Czech capital Prague an event to express solidarity with the Syrian people and leadership and rejection of the Western support for the armed terrorist groups in Syria.
The participants in the event, which was held under the title “Hands off Syria”, signed a petition in which they stressed their rejection of the terrorist acts committed by the armed groups in Syria that are backed by some Western countries.
They expressed their condemnation of the disinformation practiced by some tendentious media regarding the events in Syria.
A lecture was delivered within the activities of the solidarity event in which Daniel Solis, a university teacher, stressed that what is taking place in Syria has nothing to do with democracy or reforms but “it is a foreign aggression and a clear attempt to destroy the Syrian state.”
He pointed out that the events in Syria that have been going on for two years now were planned in advance since 1996 in the framework of the Western and Israel hegemony attempts through the so-called the “Grand Middle East Project”.
Solis said the current battle in Syria is decisive not only regarding the developments to come in the Arab region but also those in the world, warning that the failure of the international conference on Syria due to be held next month in Geneva can be used by the West as a pretext to launch an aggression on Syria like what happened previously in Serbia.
He cautioned that “the fall of Syria will disrupt stability in the region and the world.”
The participants expressed their condolences to the Syrian media family over the martyrdom of Yara Abbas, the reporter of the Syrian al-Ikhbariya channel, who was assassinated by terrorists’ gunfire near al-Daba’a airport in al-Qseir countryside in Homs.
This solidarity event is considered the first to be held in Prague by the European Solidarity Front for Syria which is active in 10 European states.
Syrian Students in Slovakia Condemn Targeting al-Ikhbariya Reporters
Meanwhile, the Syrian students in Slovakia condemned the heinous crime committed by the armed terrorist groups against the team of al-Ikhbariya TV channel, which claimed the life of journalist Yara Abbas.
Solvakia Branch of the National Union of Syrian Students stressed in a statement that this barbarian act reveals the true face of the terrorist groups, highlighting that the Syrian students will continue their studies, the Syrian journalists will continue conveying the reality and the Syrian Army will continue confronting terrorists and plot until victory is achieved and security is restored.
The students called upon the international community and all of the international organizations to denounce these crimes and take serious measures against these terrorist groups and their supporters and funders.
They offered condolences to the family of journalist Abbas and to all the Syrians, calling all sides to sit at the dialogue table as to overcome the crisis.


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