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Imam of al-Quds Mosque: Takfiris Threat to All Muslims

imam al qudsImam of al-Quds Mosque in Sidon, Sheikh Maher Hammoud speaks confidently about his beliefs. He considers what’s happening in the region as sedition, but stresses that despite the interlock between the right and the wrong the one still can take the stances that serve the benefit of the Muslim nation.

In a special interview with al-Manar Website, few days after he was subjected to an assassination bid last Monday, Sheikh Hammoud said that the men who carried out the attack likely belong to the Takfiri trend. He warned against the danger of this trend against the Islam and Muslim people, since the Takfiris kill their Muslim brothers just because they differ from them.

Sheikh Hammoud also stressed that Hezbollah through its fight in Syria’s al-Qusayr prevented the occurrence of a horrible scheme planned for the region. He voiced confidence over the decisions taken by Hezbollah assuring that the party has been committed to the Islamic unity.

In the same context, Sheikh Hammoud clarified his point of view concerning the Syrian crisis, stressing that the faults committed by the Syrian government don’t vindicate the call for a foreign interference by some sides.

The Muslim preacher also tackled other issues like the performance of the Islamic Movements in the Arab world, as well as the relation with the Islamic Republic of Iran and Hamas.

Assassination Attempt
Asked whether there was any new information over the attack he was subjected to at dawn last Monday, Sheik Hammoud said yes but didn’t go into the issue in order to keep the investigation confidential.

“I think just few days and many things will be disclosed,” he didn’t said further.
Talking about the side that carried out the attack he assured that it hasn’t been known yet, but he expected that the men who shot at him and his bodyguards likely belong to the Takfiri trend.

Qusayr Battle Prevented Horrible Scheme against Nation

Sheikh Hammoud voiced confidence over the wisdom of Hezbollah’s decisions, stressing that he is totally convinced with the strategic causes that led to the party’s engagement in al-Qusayr battle.

“We all know that this issue would be explained according to sectarian standards. However Hezbollah has been keen not to inflame sectarian sedition,” Sheikh Hammoud told our Website.

Talking about the causes that prompted Hezbollah to enter the fight in al-Qusayr, Sheikh Hammoud said: “If this battle would surely result in cutting a supply route for the resistance or to the arrival of Takfiris who would kill the resistance fighters… then all the repercussions were studied and mulled well.”

“Hezbollah knows well the results of this battle. However between a catastrophe and catastrophes or between the bad and the worse Hezbollah chose the bad.”

Threat of Takfiris

Sheikh Hammoud stressed that the Takfiri militants, who are fighting along with the armed opposition in Syria, represent a threat for the Islam and the Muslim people.
Meanwhile, he called to distinguish between the people who have salafi trend and takfiri people who kill their Muslim brothers.

“They (the Takfiris and the Salafists ) are not one side. There are salafists who support the resistance and its allies in Lebanon. Contrarily, there are Salafists who are wise and agree to talk to other Muslims.”

Imam of al-Quds Mosque in Sidon said that these Takfiris are considered a threat for all the Muslims, noting that this threat might be more dangerous on moderate figures within the Sunni sect than other figures in the Shiite sect.

Foreign Interference in Syria Rejected

Concerning the current crisis in Syria, Sheikh Hammoud assured that what’s happening in Syria is sedition. He considered that Syrian government committed faults. However he stressed that this should not lead to call for foreign interference.

“Some people who oppose the Syrian government are right. However who went to call for the US or Israel help to topple the regime are not excused, they are conspirators.”

“Imagine that the regime in Syria falls and the Takfiris or the US and its collaborators rule the country, then what it will happen to the resistance in Lebanon?”

“I think a disaster will take place if the Syrian government will be toppled by the way they are planning for,” Sheikh Hammoud added.
Talking about the situation that will be ended up in Syria, Sheikh Hammoud said that the US decision now is to destroy Syria.

“In order to fulfill their aim they will keep on arming the opposition,” he told our website.

Muslim Brotherhood Didn’t Adopt Right Stances

Over the performance of the Islamic movements in the Arab world, Sheikh Hammoud considered that the Muslim Brotherhood has not been successful in its political stances.

He noted that he considers himself a man who belongs to the doctrine associated by Imam Hasan al-Banna, the founder of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
In this context he said that the Muslim Brotherhood didn’t act well as it was applying the teachings of Imam al-Banna.

“If they were loyal to the teachings of Imam al-Banna they would take stances similar to my stances,” Sheikh Hammoud said referring to the Brotherhood stances that called for the US help in Egypt and Syria.

Relation with Iran, Hamas

Talking about the relation with Iran, Sheikh Hammoud praised the Islamic republic, saying it did much for the nation.

“The behavior of the Iranian indicates that they have a project which can’t see less than Palestine an aim for it.”

“They consider all the obstacles and the difficulties easy in order to reach their goal.”
Meanwhile, Sheikh Hammoud said the relation with the Palestinian movement, Hamas, was good, noting that meetings with local officials of the movement are taking place in which the Muslim preacher voices his notes or criticisms over Hamas’ performance.

On the other hand, he praised the movement, saying it can hide its internal disagreement.
In this context he said that the side which controls the resistance within Hamas is committed to the resistance choice and to the relation with Hezbollah and Iran.


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