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Egyptian parties, scholars, journalists: Morsi’s stance on Syria, severing ties are not reflection of Egyptians’ opinion

MorsiEgyptian parties, political figures, scholars and journalists denounced President Mohammad Morsi’s speech yesterday on Syria and his decision to sever ties with it, stressing that this stance does not reflect the opinion of the Egyptian people.

“We reject the speech of the domineering authority which backs terrorism in Syria supported by the Zionist Entity and the US arrogance as voiced by Mohamad Morsi from Cairo Stadium… We declare that we support the Syrian people, leadership and army against the U.S.-Zionist conspiracy which is funded by the Gulf, supported by Turkey and implemented by terrorist hands such as Jabhat al-Nusra and al-Qaeda,” the Liberation Party stressed in a statement on Sunday.

Sharia Professor at al-Azhar University, Ahmad Karima, stressed that the Muslim Brotherhoods are exploiting Islam to serve their political interests, adding that they are instigating sedition.

Sheikh Saad al-Faki asserted that the call for “Jihad” in Syria and the relevant fatwas violate the Islamic Sharia.
He added that those who called for jihad in Syria should have, instead, called for jihad for the liberation of Palestine and al-Aqsa Mosque which have been occupied for tens of years.

Earlier, President Morsi announced severing diplomatic ties with Syria, closing the Egyptian embassy in Damascus, and withdrawing the Egyptian chargé d’affaires.

This decision, which comes at a time when Egypt is undergoing a terminal internal crisis on various levels, is one in a series of steps taken by Morsi’s government in support of terrorist groups in Syria.
On Friday, Morsi’s advisor for foreign affairs Khaled al-Kazzaz said that “Egyptians have the right and freedom to travel and fight in Syria,” and that the Egyptian government won’t take steps against those who traveled to fight in Syria.

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