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Salafi extremists kill four Shia Muslims near Cairo, Egypt

Giza-Village-Shiites-KilledFour Egyptian Shia Muslims have been killed in an attack carried out by Salafi extremists in a village in Giza Province near the capital, Cairo, police say.

The attack was carried out on Sunday when a crowd of several hundred assailants attacked a home and then set it on fire in the village of Abu Mussalam.

The Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram reported that the four “had been taken to hospital, and the Health Ministry later said four people injured in the attack had died.”

Police sources say several people were also wounded in the act of violence.

Egypt’s security forces have been sent to the village to disperse the crowds and contain the situation.

Shias, who form just one percent of Egypt’s population, are often under attack by extremist groups in the North African country.


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