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Nationalist Arab Youth Conference: Supporting Syria is a sacred national duty

dutyThe Nationalist Arab Youth Conference expressed rejection of foreign meddling in the Syrian domestic affairs, affirming that backing Syria against the imperialist Zionist conspiracy is a ”sacred national duty.”The conference, which wrapped up activities on Thursday in Safir Homs Hotel, said that ”the Arab League is not representative of aspirations of the Arab peoples,” adding that the Arab riches and institutions are the property of the Arab people and should be protected and distributed in service of the peoples’ aspirations.” 

The conference called for unifying efforts to upgrade the Arab intellectual and cultural status for consolidating resistance, confronting normalization and combating religious extremism and sectarian instigation.
The conference stressed that Palestine will remain the Arab’s principal cause until being fully liberated, with stress put on the Palestinians’ right to return and the sacredness of the resistance arms.
The conference emphasized in its final statement the need for forming a Homs-based umbrella youth organization underpinned by the pan-Arab thought.
The conference called for launching popular campaigns in the Arab countries to bring pressure to bear on Arab regimes to reconsider their stances on Syria, especially the ending all forms of support offered to the armed terrorist groups and revitalizing political and economic relations with Syria.
The conference recommended forming a media committee that comprises Arab youths, urging work to bring lawsuits against the perpetrators of crimes against the Syrian people and those who funded and provided them with weapons.
The participant delegations stressed the support of the Arab youths to Syria against the conspiracy, saluting the families of Syrian martyrs.
Homs Governor, Ahmad Munir Ahmad said that convening the conference amid a global war waged against Syria and organizing its activities in al-Qseir and Talkalakh cities sends a clear message to the enemies of the homeland that Syria is victorious.
He added that ”it was the Arab youths who convened the conference and pinned great aspirations and hopes on it, and laid down strategies for solving the problems of the nation.”
The participant delegations earlier visited Talkalakh city and inspected the aftermath of the armed terrorist attacks in the city before heading to the cultural center.
The participants underlined the importance of their visit to Syria as it gave them the opportunity to see for themselves the distortion of facts by misleading media.
Rector of al-Baath University, Ahmad Mufid Subh said that the university continued the educational process and the students went ahead with their studies there undeterred by terrorism that plagued the city.
The Nationalist Arab Youth Conference kicked off on Monday in Homs province with the participation of 41 youth organizations from 14 Arab countries.


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