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National Democratic Rally for Syrian Kurds: Kurds are part of Syrian fabric

syrian fabricMembers of the Board of Trustees of the National Democratic Rally for Syrian Kurds stressed that the Syrian Kurds are part of the Syrian fabric.

At a press conference in Damascus, Member Barwin Ibrahim said after a meeting with Mokhtar Lamani, head of the office of the UN envoy to Syria, that the meeting tackled several issues related to the crisis in Syria in general and the attacks carried out by Jabhat al-Nusra on Kurds-populated areas in particular.

Member Jihad Ibrahim pointed out to the necessity for the international community to adopt a clear and frank stance against the attacks carried out by Jabhat al-Nusra on the Kurds-populated areas, adding that the members stressed during the meeting with Lamani the necessity of complete neutrality towards the crisis in Syria without politicizing any attitude or any issue.

Ahmad Sana, another member of the Board of Trustees, explained that an agreement was reached on several points, including complete citizenship for all Syrian Christian, Arab and Kurd spectrums in the region, rejection of foreign intervention and the necessity of internal solution to the crisis in Syria with the participation of all Syrians.


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