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Demonstrations in Several Countries against Attack on Syria

no war syriaDemonstrations have been held in several countries, including the United States, against potential Western-led military action against Syria.

Anti-war protests were held in several cities across the US on Thursday, including Washington, Los Angeles and Chicago. In New York City, supporters of the Syrian government gathered at Times Square chanting slogans against the US warmongering policies.
The demonstrators said the White House had failed to provide any proof that supported claims of chemical weapons use by the Syrian government.
“Where is the chemical weapons? Until now we didn’t find it. US soldiers will die for nothing. Where is the evidence?” said a protester holding a sign that read, “Syria=Iraq. Same Lies.”
“I do not want this nation to become involved in yet another war. People always lose, no matter what side. Enough is enough. We should just stay the hell out,” said another anti-war demonstrator in New York City.
Meanwhile, thousands of people in Greece marched on the US Embassy building in Athens to voice opposition to any Western military action on Syria.
In Turkey, protesters gathered outside the US consulate in the city of Adana to denounce Washington’s aggressive threats regarding Syria.
Similar demonstrations were also staged in Venezuela.
On Thursday, a meeting of the UN Security Council over the Syrian issue ended inconclusively.
The UK parliament on Thursday voted against a motion by British Prime Minister David Cameron to authorize military action against Syria.


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