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Thousands of Militants, Family Members to Leave Eastern Qalamoun Soon for Northern Syria

Almost 6,000 militants and their family members will soon leave Eastern Qalamoun for Northern Syria as the second large group of militants started evacuating the region on Monday.

The second group of militants and their family members whose number stands at almost 6,000 will be soon transferred from the towns of al-Rahibeh, Jayroud and al-Naseriyeh in Eastern Qalamoun to other militant-held regions in Northern Syria.

Also, the local sources said that the terrorists are handing over their weapons to the army, adding that the government forces have managed to seize a number of explosive belts and a volume of ammunition from militants at a checkpoint neat the al-Rahibeh.

In the meantime, Chief of the Russian reconciliation Center for Syria Yuri Yevtushenko said last night that a sum of 1,156 militants and their family members had left Eastern Qalamoun via al-Rahibeh passageway in the last 24 hours.

He further said that 1, 117 militants and their family members have been transferred to Idlib province and 39 others to al-Rukban refugee camp near al-Tanf region in Southeastern Homs.

Almost 10,000 militants and their family members retreated from Eastern Qalamoun in Northern Damascus to be relocated to Idlib and Aleppo provinces on Saturday following an agreement with the Syrian Army.

Terrorists, deployed in the towns of al-Naseriyeh, al-Rahibeh and Jayroud, handed over their heavy and semi-heavy weapons and ammunition to the army after an evacuation agreement with Damascus over the evacuation of militants to Northern Syria.

Field sources reported that a sum of 17 buses delivered hundreds of terrorists and their family members from al-Rahibeh and Jayroud to al-Naseriyeh.

They said that 3,200 militants along with 6,800 of their family members are to be delivered to al-Naseriyeh and later move towards the town of Jarabulus in Northeastern Aleppo and Idlib province.


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