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Almost 900 Bodies Found in Mass Graves in Northeastern Syria

Almost 900 bodies of ISIL’s victims have been found in mass graves in Raqqa city since the beginning of the current year, a media outlet reported on Saturday.

RT quoted Head of the Reconstruction Committee of Raqqa city Abdul Ra’ouf Ahmad as reporting that almost 900 bodies of civilians have been found in mass graves in Raqqa city since January 2018, adding that most of the victims are women and children killed by ISIL gun fire, while fleeing Raqqa.

In a relevant development but in Eastern Ghouta earlier this month, two large mass graves of terrorists’ victims, where over 200 bodies had been buried, were discovered in the Syrian Army’s mop-up operation in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus province.

Local sources reported that the army units discovered a mass grave in al-Shifouniyeh Farms in Eastern Ghouta with a sum of 172 bodies.

A field source said that the victims were killed by gun fire long time ago.

In the meantime, other units of the army found another mass grave with almost 40 bodies in Fowj al-Naql in Eastern Ghouta.


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