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Over 4,470 Kurdish Militias Killed, Held Captive in Turkish Forces’ Operation in Northern Syria

More than 4,470 Kurdish fighters have been killed or captured in the Turkish Army troops’ operation in Afrin region in Northwestern Aleppo, the Turkish Army General Staff announced on Saturday.

The army announced that a sum of 4,474 Kurdish militias have been killed or held captive in the Ankara forces’ Operation Olive Branch in Afrin.

It further said that the Air Force pounded several positions of the Kurds in Harash Kafroum region in Northern Afrin.

In the meantime, Smart news reported that almost 620 members of the Free Police deployed to Afrin, adding that the Free Police’s members have been under military training by the Turkish army men in the town of Mesrin.

Hawar news quoted the sources as reporting earlier this month that heavy fighting resumed between the Turkish troops and their allied militants and the Kurds in Shera region in Afrin.

It further said that at least seven Ankara-backed militants were killed in clashes with the Kurdish militias in the villages of Meidanaki, Qourt Qolaq and Karoumeh in Shera.

In the meantime, the Turkish Air Force bombed Kurdish positions in the region, the news website said, adding that the Turkish army’s artillery units opened fire at the Kurds deployed in a region between the villages of al-Deib al-Kabir and Kafr Roum in Northern Afrin.

Meanwhile, the Kurdish militias said that 15 Ankara-backed militants were killed and 5 more were wounded in their operation from April 28 until May 08.Sayyed Nasrallah Stresses Fighting Public Sector Corruption in Lebanon “Major Battle”


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