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Hundreds of protesters reject Trump’s Golan Heights decision held outside Arab League Summit

Hundreds of protesters took to Tunis’ Habib Bourguiba Street on Sunday to condemn internal efforts at normalising relations with Israel as the city hosts the 30th Arab League Summit.

Protesters carried banners reading “no normalisation deals on Tunisian territory” and “liberation of Palestine is the duty of the nation” as security forces blocked them from gaining access to streets close to the summit’s venue.

Several parties and political figures have been trying to normalise relations with Israel, a country often shunned by the Arab world over its role in occupying Palestine.

This year’s Summit brings together high level officials from 21 Arab countries in order to discuss the region’s biggest challenges.

Leaders are expected to mainly discuss the repercussions of the US’s decision to recognise Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.


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