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Oman Foreign Minister: Iran plays a key role in jurisprudence

oman minister“Islamic Republic of Iran plays a key role in tackling the jurisprudent issues of the Islamic World,” said Yousof Ibn Alavi.

The Foreign Minister of Oman in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) at the side line of the International conference of “Feqhi sciences Development” put stressed on the key role of Iranian elites in the area of Islamic Jurisprudence.

“The elites of Islamic Republic of Iran play an important role in progressing issues of Jurisprudence in the Islamic World and their existence is literally important of Feqhi sciences,” he underscored.

Yousof Ibn Alavi beckoned tot the active presence of Iranian scientists and religious clerics in the “Feqhi sciences Development” gathering and underscored, “the speeches delivered by Iranian pundits in the Feqhi arena were of prime importance.”

In his words, articles submitted by Iranian scholars in the confab should be given special attention.

In the “Feqhi sciences Development” conference, the main concepts and basics in the area of jurisprudence, Humane Jurisprudence shared with religious clerics and the contrastive analysis of Islamic Feqh and the global Feqhi heritage are discussed and tackled by the participants.

The event is the 13th round of religious clerics gathering under the title of “Feqhi sciences Development” and “Common Humane Resources”, held in Oman from 17th to 20th of April.

It is noteworthy that, Head of the World Forum for Proximity of the Islamic Schools of Thought, Ayatollah Mohsen Araki, his deputy, Hasan Tabarraeiyan and Head of the Islamic Religions University, Sheikh Ahmad Moballeqi represent Islamic Republic of Iran in this international gathering.


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