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Symposium of national pan-Arab thought in countering extremism kicks off

national panarabActivities of National Pan-Arab Thought in Countering Extremism symposium started Tuesday at Damascus-based al-Assad Library. A number of Arab intellectuals take part in the symposium which is organized by the National Pan-Arab Dialogue Forum.
The participants called for adopting a balanced Islamic discourse and unifying efforts against the real enemy of the nation, namely the Zionist Entity, adding that the Syrians have uncovered the plot against their country and the links between political Islam and goals like aggression on Arab countries and targeting the Arab armies.
They said that Arab nation cannot be well unless Syria is in a god condition, adding that the Syrians currently represent the will of the Arab people in confronting terrorism.
Arab intellectuals said that there is an organic connection among the US policies and the Muslim Brotherhood and all extremist sides that aim at fragmenting the region, highlighting the role of pan-Arab mentality in facing the reactionary mentality embodied by the so-called “Arab spring” which adopted extremism as a tool.
Moroccan thinker Alhani Idrees said that the Moroccan terrorists who are fighting along terrorists in Syria do not represent the Moroccan people, stressing the Moroccans’ support to the Syrian army in its battle against terrorism.


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