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Syrian gov’t starts to rebuild Homs for return of citizens

homs reconstraction Syrian government has started rebuilding Homs after it took control over the strategic city, allocating some 6.5 billion (4.3 million USD), for reviving city’s infrastructures.

On Wednesday Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi inaugurated al-Shuhadaa (Martyrs) Square in central Homs as a start to clear signs of the devastating war from the city.

Upon his visit, al-Halqi affirmed that the government will rehabilitate what has been sabotaged by the militant groups, particularly the electricity, drainage, water and communication facilities as well as hospitals, for families to return their homes.

Maintenance workshops in Old Homs are removing debris; rehabilitate streets, roads, hospitals, schools and remaking water and electricity facilities for the return of citizens to their homes.

Al-Halqi chaired a meeting in the industrial city and was briefed by director of the city on the situation of investment and production in it, clarifying that the city includes 179 factories for the production of nutritional, textile, chemical and engineering materials.

Projects for building temporary shelters near the industrial city for more than 4000 citizens in addition to schools and health centers are underway in the city according to official SANA news agency.

The Syrian premier voiced government’s commitment to give support and service to development sectors in Homs province as it allocated SYP 6.5 billion for the province.

He hailed the role of Homs residents in consolidating the culture of national reconciliation and expanding this process, noting that Homs will be an example for tolerance and amity.

Homs was the epicenter of the ongoing war in Syria and was considered to be one of the main bastions of militant groups.

Following a deal between Syrian government and the militants on early May, armed groups retreated from the city and left it to the government.


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