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US Chemical Attack Claims Made to Impede Anti-Terrorist Attempts: Syria

The Syrian Foreign Ministry said on Saturday that “fabricated” claims by the US about use of chemical weapons by the Syrian military were aimed at impeding the progress of the military’s ongoing anti-terrorist operations.

“(This) is nothing but another last-ditch attempt by western countries that obey their master — the United States — to ease pressure on their terrorist slaves in Idlib. And it is an obviously pathetic attempt to delay the advance of the (Syrian military) in these regions”, read a Syrian ministry statement, conveyed via a state-run TV broadcaster.

On Tuesday, the US Department of State claimed that Washington saw signs of an alleged chlorine attack in northwestern Syria last Sunday. Washington also issued another warning to the Syrian government, saying that if it used chemical weapons, the United States and its allies would produce a quick and appropriate response.

While Damascus has denied the claims, the Russian Foreign Ministry insisted that the United States used information received from unreliable sources, including those affiliated with terrorist groups, Sputnik reported.

The statement continued by calling the US claims of a chemical attack in Syria “fabricated and having nothing to do with reality, saying “they threatened the Syrian government and its people.”

The ministry argued, however, that this information “noise” would not prevent the Syrian military from continuing its fight against terrorism and its efforts to purge the country’s soil of terror groups.

Last week, the Russian Defense Ministry said that terrorists of the Nusra Front group were preparing provocations in the northwestern Idlib province in an attempt to implicate the Russian military in the use of chemical weapons against civilians.


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