Third parties involved in creating tensions on Pakistan Iran border

Volume of trade exchange between Pakistan and Iran has registered a 20 percent growth this year, said Iranian Ambassador.
Most importantly, ambassador Mehdi Honardoost said that Tehran had taken the first step towards $5 billion Pak-Iran bilateral trade.

Furthermore, he also spoke on reported clashes on border. He said Iran and Pakistan enjoy good relations and interactions but some third parties try to ruin such relationships.

The Iranian envoy emphasised both sides should remain watchful on the incidents which might happen on the joint borders.

Moreover, he urged Iran and Pakistan should counter ill-wishers who seek to ruin ties of the two great countries of the region and Islamic world.
Unfortunately, the Saturday’s incident was not the first of its kind, he noted.

Mehdi Honardoost stressed the two sides must eradicate the terrorist phenomenon so that they could not repeat it. However, he also noticed political will between the two sides’ officials in fight against terrorism.

Pakistan Iran border clashes


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