How Pakistan officially reacts to US sanctions on Iran Foreign Minister

President Trump-led US administration sanctions on Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has evoked reaction from Pakistan also but it seems fudging to many.
Most importantly, Pakistan Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mohammad Faisal on Thursday said diplomacy should be given a chance. He said this in his weekly press briefing in Islamabad today.

“Pakistan always believed that diplomacy and dialogue should be given a chance and we stand by our position,” he said.

Interestingly, his choice of words has surprised many Pakistanis because Dr Faisal always sided with the kingdom on all issues.

One may note his reaction to Canada-Saudi tension or Saudi-led war on Yemen. FO spokesperson failed to express such fudging remarks on Saudi related issues.

But, unfortunately, he doesn’t refer to international law in his reaction to anything related to Iran. Pakistani nation wants him to take a clear position that US unilateral sanctions violate international law. Furthermore, he must says US violated Iran’s inalienable rights as a nation-state.


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