PM Imran told: Iran advocates restoration of Kashmiri Muslims rights

President Hassan Rouhani told Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan that Iran believes that rights of the Muslims in Kashmir should be restored and they enjoy a peaceful life.

Most importantly, Rouhani spoke to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan by phone. And during that telephonic contact he called for diplomatic settlement of Kashmir issue.

Iranian official news agency reported him as saying that Iran advocates restoration of rights of the Muslims living in other countries.

He said Pakistani government would spare no effort to re-establish peace and security in Kashmir.

Moreover, Rouhani said Iran always made efforts to prevent tension and instability in the region.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Khan noted fraternal relations with Tehran of great importance to Islamabad. However, he also said that unfortunately, Kashmir is the scene of sad incidents which are in contravention of the international law.

Furthermore, he also hailed Iran as a main player in the region and the world, therefore it can play a constructive role to help resolve the Kashmir issue.

Then, President Rouhani said that Iran calls for restraint on part of both India and Pakistan about Kashmir. He made clear that the issue of Kashmir will not be solved through military means. But, it will be solved through diplomatic means.

Notably Pakistan too believes in settlement of disputes by peaceful means or diplomatic talks, dialogue.

Both shared Muslim’s Eid Al-Adha congratulation on that phone call.

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