Jaishankar China visit fails due to Sino opposition to Indian measures

Visiting Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar got a clear message in Beijing that the current situation in India-occupied Kashmir and escalating conflict between India and Pakistan immensely concerned China.
Most importantly, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told his Indian counterpart that China was highly concerned.
During that meeting, he said that China opposes any unilateral action that complicates the situation in the region.

Furthermore, he noted that Indian move to end the constitutional status of Jammu and Kashmir would change the status quo of the disputed area. He also said it would result in a tense situation in the region.

Therefore, Wang Yi hoped that New Delhi and Islamabad would resolve the dispute in a peaceful manner.
Meanwhile, he pointed out that India’s recent measures also challenged China’s sovereign rights and interests. He declared those measures contrary to the agreement between the two sides on safeguarding the border areas of the two countries.

Moreover, he said China seriously concerned about this. He told Jaishankar that Indian measures would not change the fact that China exercises sovereignty over the relevant territory.
The Chinese foreign minister expressed his hope that New Delhi would take measures to promote mutual trust, peace and tranquility.
Indian External Affairs Minister Jaishankar explained the position of his country.


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