Protest for missing Shias outside PM Imran Khan Bani Gala house

Allama Ali Akbar led a peaceful token sit-in outside Bani Gala residence of Prime Minister Imran Khan to protest against enforced disappearance of innocent patriot Shia Muslims.

Notably, the protesters were carrying Pakistan’s national flags and placards and banners.

On the occasion, Allama Ali Akbar expressed concerns over enforced disappearance of patriot citizens.

Furthermore, he cited the fact that Shia Muslims have an unmatched history of sacrifices for the sake of Pakistan.  Specially, he emphasised nobody can question patriotism of Shia Muslims of Pakistan.

Finally, representatives from Bani Gala came to hold talks with the protesters. They assured that they would refer the legitimate complaints of protesters to the higher authorities concerned.

Although many Shia notables, including scholars have already undergone enforced disappearance, eminent Shia lawyer Yafis Hashmi came as the latest victim.

Therefore, his illegal detention after undeclared arrest has reignited the protest from peaceful Shia community.


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