Kashmir issue finally comes to UNSC agenda for discussion

Kashmir issue has come to the world attention as United Nations Security Council going to hold a session to discuss the dispute tomorrow (Friday).

However, the UNSC will discuss the Kashmir issue under the agenda item ‘Pakistan-India question.’ Therefore, Pakistanis may see this something better than nothing at the moment.

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Meanwhile, diplomatic sources see it as a big success for Kashmir and Pakistan because debate on the issue is happening after many decades.

Apart from Pakistani sources, UNSC president Joanna Wronecka also confirmed it. She said that the UNSC would discuss the Jammu and Kashmir situation behind closed doors most likely on August 16.

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The UNSC president, in response to a question, was quoted as saying that the session will most probably be on.

Last time occupied Kashmir found a reference in the UNSC was the UN Security Council Resolution 1172 in 1998 after Pakistan had conducted nuclear tests. That too came after decade since late 1950s. And since then, it’s the first time in decades that the matter being mentioned under the India Pakistan question.


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