It is not a crime to go to holy shrines pilgrimage: MWM leader

MWM leader Nasir Abbas Shirazi condemned enforced disappearance of Shia Muslims on return from pilgrimage to holy shrines abroad.

He expressed these views, addressing at a sit-in held at Chowk Ghanta Ghar in Multan to protest against enforced disappearance of Yafis Hashmi and others.

Most importantly, he asked the state authorities if pilgrimage of sacred shrines in Iran, Iraq or elsewhere is considered a sin.

Furthermore, Nasir Shirazi slammed biased sate policy against Shia pilgrims. Notably, he said that ruling elites have their businesses in other countries. He further said that they have sort of relations with some GCC countries which also put Pakistan at stake.

Having said that, Shirazi asked if power that be or ruling elites remain loyal to Pakistan given all this?

Moreover, he questioned whether Yafis Naveed Hashmi and other illegally detained Shias had violated Pakistani laws?

He categorically stated that ruling elites themselves violate Constitution of Pakistan and laws of Pakistan.

MWM leader cited Shia Muslims system of wilayah or guardianship of comprehensively qualified Islamic jurisprudent. He further said that meeting that jurisprudent or source of emulation also don’t violate any law of Pakistan.

However, he made clear that the entire Pakistani nation knows it well who are loyal sons of Pakistan and who are not?!

Nasir Shirazi further referred that Deobandis and Bralevis religious centrality belong to India, arch enemy of Pakistan. He asked why no question and no objection to that? And why objection to Shia Muslims central religious authority?

Also, he warned the authorities concerned that Shia Muslims would not take law into hands. He vowed to wage legal battle for release of victims of enforced disappearance.

In same spirit, he also warned the ruling elites they must misunderstood Shia Muslims love for motherland Pakistan as their weakness.

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