Another Afghan cleric killed near Quetta in Kuchlak

Another Afghan low ranking cleric killed in Kuchlak near Quetta where IED blast in mosque killed brother of Taliban commander.

Notably, Kuchlak witnessed second killing within a pause of 24 hours since Friday blast.

Most importantly, Muhammad Azam, the prayer leaders at Usman bin Affan mosque of Kuchlak, lost life in an apparent targeted attack.

Meanwhile, police confirmed the killing.

They said that 50-year-old Afghan citizen Maulvi Azam was sitting in a shop in Kuchlak town. Then, some men opened fire on him. Due to that he received multiple bullet injuries and succumbed to his wounds on the spot.

However, armed men fled the crime scene on their motorbike after firing, police said.
Moreover, they said Azam had remained prayer leader there for many years and he used to live in a house close to the mosque.


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