Wilayat Convention Lahore emphasises Shia Islamic creed

Speakers at Qaumi Wilayat Convention emphasised importance of Shia Islamic system of Wilayah of infallible leaders of Islam.

However, they also called for following comprehensively qualified Islamic jurisprudent (s) when infallible Imam remains in occultation.

Notably, Allama Javad Naqvi led the event at Nasir Bagh Lahore. Most importantly, Shia Muslims from across Pakistan thronged the event.

Furthermore, speakers said that Shia ideology represents true Islam. Also, they turned down those impersonating them as Shias but don’t practice Shia Islam.
Moreover, they made clear that those oppose prayers (namaz), fast (roza), Hajj and ridicule mosques are not Shias. Because, Shia Muslims respect mosques, offer prayers and Hajj and observe fast (roza) as well, they said.

Notably, Allama Javad leads Tehreek Baidari Ummat Mustafa (PBUH) and runs Jamia Urwatul Wusqa Lahore.


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