Allama Hussaini proposes Pakistan Iran alliance for Kashmir

Senior Shia Islamic scholar Allama Syed Abid Hussaini has urged Pakistan government to form an alliance with Iran for Kashmir and other issues.

Most importantly, he emphasised that solution to all problems of Islamic Ummah lies in Pakistan-Iran alliance.

In an interview, he said, unfortunately almost all Muslim regimes, including Pakistan’s toe the line of US and Israel.

Tehreek-e-Hussaini founder further said that Muslim regimes do so because of lack of faith in Allah and Islam’s divine power. He said that they would not have face defeats and humiliation if they had trust in Allah.

Furthermore, Allama Abid asserted that Pakistan and Iran together can liberate Kashmir and Palestine within an hour. Therefore, he urged Pakistan government to defy Western bloc and join hands with Iran.

He asked rulers to go to Iran and sign a transparent accord for an unbreakable alliance with them.

Meanwhile, senior cleric also cited that Saudi-led military coalition of 40 countries have not come to help oppressed Kashmiris. Also, he asked whether former army chief Gen Raheel Sharif had disappeared now?! Why don’t he brings Saudi-led coalition to teach India a lesson, He asked


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