UAE honours Modi with highest award despite Kashmir genocide

United Arab Emirates bestowed upon Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi the highest civilian honor during his UAE visit today.

Unfortunately, Arab Muslim monarchy failed to take side of oppressed Muslims of India occupied Kashmir.

Ironically, butcher of Muslims of Gujarat and Kashmir, Narendra Modi finally get another success in GCC monarchies.

And finally, Modi gets Order of Zayed showing to the world of his importance in UAE.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan became driver of MBS and MBY but all that went in vain.

The UAE and Saudi monarchs/ crown prices prefer India to Pakistan but Pakistan regime continues to flatter on their lending as charity!

And that has resulted in losing support for just cause of Kashmir and Palestine.

Earlier, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had awarded Modi with the highest honour. Both monarchs follow Wahhabism, an ally of US-led West in cold war.


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