Joint Action Committee demands release of Shia missing persons

Joint Action Committee for Shia missing persons demanded end to enforced disappearance of patriot citizens of Pakistan forthwith.

Notably, their demand came at a joint press conference where affected families rallied support from MWM, ISO and IO as well.

On the occasion, MWM deputy secretary general Allama Ahmed Iqbal and Allama Mubashir represented their party. Allama Aqeel Moosa and Allama Haider Abbas represented ISO supervisory body and Hussain Abbas represented Imamia Organisation.

Furthermore, the affected families and these leaders warned the authorities concerned against unconstitutional measures.

Most importantly, they lamented violation of fundamental human rights of those Shias subjected to enforced disappearance.

Moreover, they demanded immediate release of those innocent Shias immediately. Otherwise, Shia Muslims will continue their protest against such illegal detentions.


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