No power can stop azadari, says Allama Shaheedi

Renowened Shia Islamic scholar Allama Amin Shaheedi has vowed that no power can stop azadari.

He said this, addressing a protest demo at the 9th Moharram azadari procession.

Notably, he condemned the plotters for conspiracy to change procession route.

Furthermore, Allama Shaheedi said, no Hindah has ever given birth to the son that could have been able to stop azadari.

Moreover, he made clear that azadari for Imam Hussain remains legal, constitutional, religious, cultural and moral right of Shia Muslims.

Therefore, he warned that nobody has right or authority to strip Shias of their Constitutional right.

Meanwhile, Ummat e Wahida Pakiatan head vowed azadars would continue azadari as per their traditions.


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