Protest against attack on azadars in Lahore ends

Azadars sit-in at Chohang area Lahore in protest against armed attack by sectarin fanatics ended last night.

Peaceful azadars particuarly Shia Muslims had to end 9th Moharram protest due to some reasons.

Notably, sectarian hatemongering fanatics had attacked peaceful mourners’ 9th Moharram attack. They also fired upon azadars besides pleting them with stones.

Furthermore, Special Branch of Police gave a report to higher authorities that says that area residents had objections to procession. It reported the residents want only Zuljanah passes through their street and not the matami (mourning) procession.

If that fact remains acceptable then why the authorities concerned had not made it clear to those objectioner to stay inside their homes.

Most importantly, the security officials should have taken action against those raising objection to the 8th Moharram azadari.

But, it seems they had colluded with banned outfit Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and their Bralevi version TLP who opened fire upon azadars.

More than 100 azadars sustained injuries. But Lahore police played a dirty role and so was the role of others.

Unfortunately, the police made perpetrtors of crime against azadari procession members of the fact finding committee.

And in the meantime, an officer of Rangers went to protesters and asked them to end protest.

However, peaceful azadars of Imam Hussain-led Martyrs of Karbala had to end protest sit-in. Because of Shab-e-Ashur and because of other engagements relating to azadari of Imam Hussain (AS).





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