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Violence in Gilgit is the conspiracy against Shia Muslims, Shia leaders allege

Violence in Gilgit is the conspiracy against Shia Muslims Shia leaders allegeShia Ulema Council (SUC) Gilgit-Baltistan leaders said that the recent violence in Gilgit is the part of ongoing anti-Shia conspiracy of the Wahabi-Nasabi terrorists to sabotage the peace of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Addressing the press conference here at the residence of Shaheed Agha Ziauddin Rizvi along with the notables and clerics of Gilgit, Shia Ulema Council Gilgit President Sheikh Mirza Ali said that Shia people from Skardu, Nagar and Astore were martyred in the attack of Nasabi-Wahabi terrorists violence that spread in Gilgit but nobody did the politics-of-dead-bodies in these regions. 

Also present at the occasion were MLA Raziuddin Rizvi, MLA Didar Ali and Anjuman-e-Imamia President Faqeer Shah.

Sheikh Mirza Ali, said that peace cannot be guaranteed if there is corruption and nepotism in the government departments.

He termed that Violence and unrest is being spread in Gilgit – Baltistan as part of a anti-Shia conspiracy adding that the leaders of all segments of the society and the general public will have to play a positive role in curbing the violence.

The leaders also said that opposing the governance package is not in the interest of Gilgit – Baltistan because it has been achieved after years of political struggle.

The Ulema Council also negated the impression that Mehdi Shah is Chief Minister of a particular sect. “He has been elected by the assembly, where all sects are represented”, the Council leaders said.

The leaders of Shia sect also said that the case of Agha Ziauddin Rizvi’s martyrdom is pending in the court for seven years and some forces are trying to exert undue pressure on the court to influence the proceedings in this case.

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