Blasphemous posts against Ahle Bayt allowed in Pakistan ?

Inaction against the blasphemous social media posts against the Ahle Bayt of Prophet of Islam and Humanity put a big question mark on Pakistan government policy.

The so-called self-claimed Muslims have perpetrated blasphemy. But, they face no action particularly in Punjab province.

Furthermore, the concerned authorities’ inaction also compelled people to consider them abettors.

Unfortunately, the biased officials have booked 16 innocent Shia Muslims over their posts on social media.

However, the authorities took no action against blasphemous posts against Ahle Bait (AS).

One person posted blasphemous remarks against Maula Ali (AS), the most revered Islamic figure. Sunnis, like Shia Muslims, adore Maula Ali (AS) very much.

Similarly, Sunnis also respect Imam Hussain, third infallible Imam of Shia Islam, in high esteem.

Unfortunately, a Deobandi cleric Molvi Umar Hyderi spoke against Imam Hussain in his sermon at a mosque in Ahmed Pur Siyal in Jhang district. Some other cases were also reported.

However, authorities concerned have not arrested these blasphemers so far.

Moreover, Deobandi cleric Tariq Jameel eulogised Hazrat Ali as Maula Ali in accordance with the declaration of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Although Sunnis recongise Hazrat Ali as fourth guided caliph whereas Shia Islam revere him as first infallible Imam after demise of the last Prophet (PBUH)


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