Chehlulm azadari procession in Karachi to pass through old route

Shia parties have vowed to take out azadari procession on Arabaeen (chehlum anniversary) of Imam Hussain as per old route.

Notably, they turned down new route because of increased problems of general public.

Shia Ulema Council, ISO, Majlis Zakireen Imamia, Payam e Wilayat and Markazi Tanzeem Azadari made this decision at a joint meeting.

Later SUC leader Allama Nazir Taqvi slammed the administration for increasing problems for general public in the name of security.

Furthermore, he said that Shia Muslims or azadars reject suspension of internet, cell phone signals, pillion riding and blockade.

Moreover, the Shia parties demanded action against the terrorists to ensure security instead of punishing people and azadars.

Meanwhile, they also demanded reconstruction of roads of the old route of Chehlum procession. Otherwise, they vowed to pass through old route come what may.


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