Iran ambassador to Pakistan proposes regional cooperation to end wars

Iran Ambassador to Pakistan Mehdi Honardoost emphasised that only regional cooperation could bring peace.

In an exclusive interview with Pakistan’s Sabah News Agency, he stressed that the regional countries must realise it.

Furthermore, he cited many ups and downs, wars and a lot of tensions in the region which required regional cooperation to end.

“Iran stands against the political and military presence of the imperialist and trans-regional powers in West Asia, Middle East and Central Asian regions.”

Iranian Ambassador noted that tensions and conflicts in the West Asia region remain high.

However, he also called for regional countries collaboration, cooperation, convergence and participation to overcome all this.

Moreover, Honardoost suggested that as a first step all the sides give guarantees to avoid conflict and military confrontation in view of current tensions.

Furthermore, he referred to Javad Zarif’s proposal for signing of a joint non-aggression agreement as a big confidence building step.

Then, he further recommended that de-escalation and reciprocal confidence building among the regional countries can begin.

Moreover, third step include further connecting interests of the regional countries by boosting and enhancing economic and cultural cooperation.


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