Parachinar Jirga resolves dispute over road leading to Imam Bargah

Parachinar Jirga settles dispute over road leading to Imam Bargah in Shangak area in tribal Kurrum district.

Parachinar Jirga resolves dispute over road leading to Imam Bargah in Shangak area in tribal Kurrum district.

Jirga settles dispute amicably

Notably, Lt-Col Javed Awan, Assistant Commissioner Umer Ahmed Khan, Tehreek-e-Hussaini and Anjuman Hussainia leaders sat to settle the issue.

Furthermore, the Jigra announced its decision after Anjuman Hussainia secretary pointed out the land for the road.

Moreover, they shared details of the land for road in the presence of aforesaid officials.

They urged the parties to the dispute for their unity, fraternity and harmony.

Parachinar in recent history

Historically speaking, Parachinar has remained under constant threat from terror outfits.

Due to that threat, Tehreek-e-Hussaini Parachinar leader Maulana Abid Hussain Jafari had opposed disarming of the Turi/Bangash tribes.

Because takfiri terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan pose existential threat.

Particularly, terrorists in the Af-Pak border areas, pose serious threat to their life, honour and property.

He admitted security forces  bold and brave but cited that terrorists outnumber them.

In Ghazni, Afghan forces fought but terrorists outnumbered them. And finally forces retreated.

And then,terrorists attacked Shia Muslim population there, he said, in an interview.

Furthermore, Maulana Abid Hussain Jafari noted Pak Army has its headquarter only in Parachinar. Nowhere in the rest of FATA any presence of the army.

He quoted an army general shared that the takfiri terrorists considered Pakistan Army as deviant and traitor of Islam. Similarly, they also considered Shia Muslims as heathens.

Therefore, Tehreek-e-Hussaini leader said they don’t feel them secure and safe in Kurram Agency, even in Parachinar.

Hence, he had oppposed disarming in view the real and existential threat from takfiri terrorists living around them.

He referred that founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah had allowed them to have weapons. And that policy emained in force to date.

Hussaini Movement leader further cited that people of Parachinar remained unsafe. The insecurity had it that they has not been able to travel to Peshawar directly. And they had to travel via Afghanistan to reach any part of Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Parachinar also lost many of its brave sons in terror attacks, suicide bombings, blasts.


Parachinar Jirga resolves dispute


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