Takfiri clerics defame Islam and Muslims in Faisalabad by child abuses

Takfiri clerics defame Islam and Muslims in Faisalabad by child abuses and blackmailing their parents. Unfortunately, they misuse religious seminaries for their hinous crimes. Reportedly,  police booked many clerics for child abuses. Notably, Raza Abad, Peoples Colony and Gulberg have registered cases of kidnapping against clerics.

As per details, three students of same seminary have been abducted.

Furthermore, police had arrested three takfiri clerics for child abuse/kidnapping. First, they raided a seminary in Tarkhani and from there they held a cleric. On interrogation, police got tips of their network.

Moreover, that led to arrest of another abettor in Faisalabad city and the third one in village 222 Samandari.

Meanwhile, police came to know that they abduct children, molest/sodomise them. Subsequently, they got all that recorded in video and had pictures of that.

Then, they sent that to the parents and extort money from them.

Other examples

Factually, the problem doesn’t remain limited to Faisalabad alone.  Earlier, Sadiqabad police of district Rawalpindi arrested a seminary teacher for torturing a minor child student. Because, he had failed to remember lesson.

According to a police spokesman, the concerned police statio registered a case Deobandi cleric Noor who hail from Battagram. Most importantly, police had to take action after the toture video gone viral on social media.

That video showed Deobandi seminary teacher beating a minor student black and blue by tying him from feet with roof and downing his head. Then, City Police Officer (CPO) Capt (R) Faisal Rana ordered divisional SPs to trace that mosque/seminary.

Another example

Deobandi seminary administrator prayer leader arrested for child rape, murder. Taxila Police DPO announced that cops have arrested a prayer leader for the rape and murder of a six-year-old child.

DPP Taxila Press Conference

The police has recovered the body a six-year-old child who had gone missing.

District Police Officer Syed Shahzad Nadeem told the media at a press conference. The police recovered the body from an old well in the limits of the Fatehjang police on April 20.

The ill-fated child had gone missing since he went to the local mosque for prayers.

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