Allama Masoodi urges Iraq to ensure peace for Arbaeen walk

Allama Masoodi urges Iraq to ensure peace for Arbaeen walk. He is serving Haiyat Aimma Masajid-e-Imamia Pakistan Allama Masoodi as its President.

He was speaking at a meeting of Shia Islamic scholars in Karachi.

Allama Masoodi urges Iraq

Furthermore, Allama Masoodi pointed to recent riots in Iraq and said US and Israel had plotted that.

In view of violent attacks under the guise of protests, Iraq government needs to remain alert, he said.

The scholar further said that enemies of Islam and Muslims had conspired to sabotage the peace ahead of Arbaeen.

Hence, he urged Iraqi nation and the government to strengthen their unity and harmony to defeat those machinations.

Meanwhile, Allama Hussain Masoodi also served Jafaria Alliance as its leaders.

Earlier, he rejected the Saudi military alliance as it aimed at serving interests of enemies of Islam and Muslims.

While addressing a joint meeting of Shia parties in Karachi, he expressed these views.

Furthermore, he cited that no saner person would allow Pakistan regime to push the homeland to such divisive forum.

He said the matter should have been tabled in the Parliament that had already opposed the partiality in these matters. He said that Pakistan Army has representation of all sects and this decision would also impact negatively on the armed forces.


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